Monday, April 30, 2012

My Future Baby: Samsung WB150F

Meet my future baby (yes I'm claiming it! hahaha..)

 Samsung WB150F

Features And Specifications:

Point & shoot digital camera

14.0 megapixel image sensor

Schneider KREUZNACH 18x optical zoom lens

Optical image stabilization system

720p HD video recording Samsung WB150F 30 Fps

3.0 inch AMOLED monitor

Motion capture

Smart auto

Live panorama

Auto back-up

Remote view finder

WiFi connectivity

Micro SD/SDHC/SDXC memory card slot

Built-in microphone & speaker

Integrated flash light

Self timer

Face & smile detection

Yep, Wi-Fi enabled!!! Fell in love with the white one but it also comes in black. To top it off, it's less than 15K!!! love it! :D  we will meet soon my baby! :D

Monday, April 23, 2012

Life Dreams

I know I’ve already posted about my 2012 Bucket List but lately I’ve been thinking more of long-term planning. Oh well, a girl can dream right? So here goes:

1. Build a house

Lately I’ve been surfing about buying lots and building homes. I’ve stalked websites about furniture, light fixtures, etc. I’m not really sure how this came about but for the past couple of weeks the thought of owning a house, our own house has occupied my daydreams. It’s freaking expensive and I’m not sure if my salary can afford it (I have not even dared compute as it might burst my bubble. LOL) but I promised myself that someday, somehow we will have our own house. We initially planned to build the house before getting married but reality bites I guess. Probably it was a blessing in disguise as shuttling between Parañaque and Las Piñas has allowed us to spend more time with our parents, which is great but still it wouldn’t hurt to build our own home.

2. Have our own business

One constant dream of ours is to open our own business in the food industry. We both love to eat and cook thus it makes perfect sense for us to want to open our own restaurant or a catering business, somewhere along that line. We don’t have enough funds for this yet plus I think passion is not enough to sustain a business. We need to study and gain experience first before diving in. When we will find the time and the money to do this, I don’t know but hopefully soon.

3. Travel

I’m happiest when I am at home and I very rarely go out. But there’s something about exploring another place that excites the heck out of me. I’m not very sociable so it’s not really about meeting other people. I think for me it’s more of travelling with James and getting to share travel memories with him. Yep, it’s as shallow as that. Hahaha.
So that’s about it for now, I’ll just update it over time.

If you’ll notice having kids or starting a family is not included in the list and I know a normal person would wonder why. I’ve actually been thinking about it again lately but I have come to the conclusion that no, I don’t want kids as of this moment. James doesn’t want to have kids either, at least not now.

Yes I know people are gonna raise their eyebrows so high they’ll probably hit the ceiling and yes I know there’s a big, huge possibility we won’t be able to have kids if we delay this but please keep in mind that this is our life we’re talking about. Key words: OUR LIFE. We made the decision and we’re ready to face the consequences, whatever they may be.

To be perfectly honest, I really don’t want to have kids just because society dictates me to have them. I feel we are not yet ready financially, physically and emotionally so why push it? Why get yourself into something you are not ready for? When I got married I was 100% ready to be a wife but right at this very moment I am not yet ready to become a mom. Yes, I can change my mind, that’s the beauty of life but for now our decision stands, so I hope you'll be happy for us just like we're very much happy right now. :)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

our Holy Week in Instagram

I was intially planning on blogging about our "vacation" but since I'm all out of words and energy, I thought of recreating the experience through photos, enter INSTAGRAM. :)

My great grandmother's name is Magdalena
and mama had a Mary Magdalene statue
made in her memory. She goes out every year
during Holy Week to join the processions. Here's
Tita Jane dressing her up for Day 1.

Procession - Good Friday

Kalibo Paparazzi LOL! :D

Here she is with her pink gown. We usually
change the feel of her carriage every year
through the flowers. She also has about
2-3 more gowns in storage plus a handful of
jewelry and crowns.

After Aklan, we went by bus to Iloilo.
A sure sign that we already arrived?
Sugarcane Juice! love love! :)

This has got to be the best Inasal in Iloilo,
a far departure from the commercialized
Mang Inasal, seriously!!

Meet Butit and Bogart. They're the sweetest! <3

Beautiful Iloilo

I saw a rainbow!

Can you spot his manpurse? bwahahaha! :D

Sigh, it was fun but like all vacations, definitely bitin! will have to go back soon!

Monday, April 2, 2012

busy, busy, busy

I can feel it, yep it’s gonna be a super busy week for me and the fam bam this week. Holy Friday, we’re going home to Aklan for the Holy Week and then come Easter Sunday, James and I would ride the bus (yep the bus!) to Iloilo so we can spend time with his side of the family as well. This trip alone can easily fill up my Monday until Thursday what with all the packing and travel arrangements that I would need to check and double check. However the thing is, I am equally busy with work as well and it will be a miracle if I am able to pull off everything I need to do before we leave. Waaaah.

Not that I am complaining though. I do love my job and yes it is eons, yep EONS away from my previous post. It’s scary at times because I have a boatload of responsibilities on my shoulders but the mere opportunity excites me. Lately I realized that I haven’t really talked about my work on this blog, well not as much as my previous jobs before, probably because well one, I know for a fact that they’re very strict with the confidentiality clause so I can’t just go ahead and blab my head off (not that I have anything to blab about). Two, I’m so busy as it is that I barely have enough time for recreational activities and stuff (i.e. movie dates, cooking, etc.) that I usually save my weekends for those. And three, I don’t know, as I said, I guess I just don’t feel the need to voice out anything about my work as of the moment. I’m happy, it’s as simple as that.

Cancer-wise, well treatments are still ongoing. The schedule now is every three weeks and thank God there have been no complications. Yey! I’m still anxious about whether there are still cancer cells or not but as the doctor said, we should just take it one day at a time. So yeah, I guess that’s what we’re doing. :)


Oops, I just realized I haven’t blogged about our Hong Kong plans, um, maybe next time. Hahaha.