Saturday, October 22, 2011

starting anew

So I haven’t been back here for weeks now (surprise, surprise). It has just been really crazy on my side of the earth.

As most may now know, I have resigned from my current job and will be transferring to another company by November 14. This was truly unexpected. I have thought of leaving for about more times than I can count but I’ve never acted on it primarily because I was scared. But I guess somebody up there had other plans. The opportunity landed on my lap and I grabbed it like I’ve never grabbed anything before, and yes it paid off, yippee. :)

I have about three weeks left with my current company and I must admit leaving is kind of bittersweet. It’s definitely not easy leaving something that has been ingrained into your system for the past four years but hey, we all have to move on at some point and I guess this is my time. I’m scared about starting anew but I just feel it’s really time for me to move on.

James is now on his last week (yes he resigned as well). He’ll be starting his food business as soon as we get the money from his insurance. As much as I am nervous about the whole risk aspect, I am so excited for him. His dreams are slowly coming into reality and for that I am extremely ecstatic for him. :)

on the cancer front: Mama is doing well. Yey! It’s a bit tough at times, especially with the weekly chemo sessions, but our main goal is to get through this and I believe we will. We are on the road to recovery and yes, we will get through this. Cancer begone! I am a little worried about the finances though, but I am praying the Lord will provide. haay.