Monday, January 23, 2012


We went to Resorts World to watch The Sound of Music, which we got tickets from BUYANIHAN only to find out the8PM show got moved by BUYANIHAN and this MARCO AVENTADO of CATALYST REVOLUTION INC to 2PM without even informing us buyers! We also found out that this 8PM show has long been moved in lieu of 2 Cellos also from this Marco Aventado and nobody from your office even informed us! WHAT KIND OF SERVICE IS THAT?

We even got an email confirmation from JIEGGARDMATE YARANON, last 01/18/2012 who confirmed our seats and he also did not inform us about the change. Your voucher indicated redemption would be on the 20th STARTING at 12 NOON, we were there 5PM and NOBODY was there.

Dear Buyanihan,

I demand a full refund and no I would not accept Buyanihan credits as I have no plans of buying from your site after the hassle and the humiliation your company has put us through. I strongly suggest you action on this immediately or you would hear from DTI and our lawyers.

No, I have no intentions of taking down this post until this matter is resolved.


Found thisLinkedIn profile, it seems Marco Aventanado (indicated on the voucher) is actually Marco Aventejado:

UPDATE 01/24/2012:

Spoke with Mackie D. of Buyanihan, she told me they were only informed that the show got moved 4PM the same day, which I find a bit hard to believe as Resorts World told us it has long been moved. Anyway, as of the moment, they have yet to discuss whether they would provide us another set of vouchers or they would credit back the payment. Will wait for feedback within 48 hours. We'll see.

We got the refund! Thanks Mackie of Buyanihan, you're very efficient, a hard find these days! :)

Monday, January 9, 2012

2012 Bucket List

I know I haven’t been back since, uh, I can’t even remember. LOL. I’ve been so busy lately, okay scratch that, I’ve just basically been too tired to write. Yep, that’s my lame excuse. Hahaha. So much has happened the past few weeks I can’t even recall them all, but I do have one gigantic news: I HAVE A NEW JOB. No, I didn’t plan for this. The opportunity came out of nowhere and here I am and yes, I am very much happy. :)

So it’s 2012 already and I thought maybe I should make a list of the things I want to do, the places I want to go to or go back to, that sort of thing. It started out as a very, very short list and now it’s about a mile long. Hahaha. With my schedule, I know I probably won’t be able to do all of them but I think it would be nice to look back at this list one year after and see what I have accomplished. So here goes:


1. Invest in mutual funds / stock market

2. Start a retirement fund for mama and papa

3. Open BPI save up

4. Start exercising at least once a week

5. Travel

6. Start a business with James

7. Get promoted / get a raise

8. Save 30,000 by end of the year

9. Eat 1 fruit / Vegetable a day

10. Watch plays

11. Watch concerts


1. Percy Jackson -2

2. Percy Jackson – 3

3. Percy Jackson – 4

4. Percy Jackson – 5

5. Before Ever After

6. Order of the Penguins

7. 100 Questions Filipino Kids Ask

8. Dreaming of Chanel – Charlotte Smith

9. The Best of Archie Comics

10. Hunger Games – 1

11. Hunger Games – 2

12. Hunger Games – 3

13. Falling Together

14. Fashion + Food – Jenni Epperson

15. Modelland – Tyra Banks

16. Seriously I’m Kidding – Ellen DeGeneres

17. Steve Jobs

18. Eat This Not That

19. Battle Hym of the Tiger Mother

20. Bobbi Brown MakeUp Manual

21. The Happiness Project

22. My Maid Invests in the Stock Market

23. between loss and forever


1. Cibo

2. John and Yoko

3. Chili’s

4. Red Box

5. Bulgogi Brothers

6. Myron’s Place

7. Wee Nam Kee

8. Manang’s Chicken

9. Sugi

10. Choto Stop

11. Recipes by Cafe Metro

12. Krazy Garlik

13. King One Hot Pot

14. Flapjacks

15. Baja Mexican Cantina

16. Kimpura

17. Fish and Co.

18. Hossein’s

19. Chicken Charlie

20. Shawarma Snack Center

21. Cafe Mary Grace

22. Tender Bob’s

23. Bellevue Buffet

24. Wooden Horse Steakhouse

25. Vivere Rooftop

26. binondo food wok

27. mr.kebab

28. whistlestop
29.8065 Bagnet
30. TongYang


1. Baguio

2. La Luz

3. Bohol

4. Ilocos

5. Boracay

6. Hong Kong

7. Singapore

8. Bangkok

9. Davao (Maxima by the Sea, Pearl Farm)

10. Batanggas

11. Guimaras (Kenyama Resort)

12. Concepcion Iloilo

13. Siquijor

14. Biri, Northern Samar

15. Palaui Island and Anguib Beach, Cagayan North

16. LaMesa Ecopark

17. Sumilon Island – Cebu

18. Calao Caves

19. Sonia’s Garden


See, told ya it's long but a girl can dream right? Have a great New Year everyone! :)

If you'll notice having a baby is not on my list. Wondering why? Well because I'm declaring my 2012 as the year of fun: no pressure, no worries. :) let's do this!