Sunday, May 15, 2011

Freakin' Hot!

It's already 7pm yet it's still 32 Degrees?! UGH! Seriously could not wait for the rainy season.

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Thursday, May 12, 2011

the past few weeks

So many things have happened for the past few weeks, my mind can barely keep up. I want to write them all down before I forget but I seem to have been having a hard time forming sentences with coherent words. But anyway, here's me trying:


James has been applying for jobs for the past few weeks. He went to three companies passed everything except for the final interviews. It breaks my heart seeing him down and upset, especially because I was the one who pushed him to try and enter the call center world. He is not the office type, I've known this for years I told him to go for it. No harm in trying, right? Well, I was wrong. 

He would beat himself up for not passing. He was so hard on himself. I kept telling him it's fine and that's it's normal especially for someone who has zero experience. For me, it's amazing enough that he got through all the exams and intial interviews but he has been so hard on himself lately that it really kills me. Deep inside I knew he wanted to start his own food business and that's where his passion is but it's a huge risk for the both of us and I was scared as heck. 

But seeing him so sad made me realize how I love him too much to put him through office hell. I spoke with my mom about it and she encouraged me to encourage James to go for his dreams. Funny cause technically the wife should have been more supportive than the mother in law. LOL. so anyway to make the long story short James and I discussed it and I promised that I was gonna stop pestering him to join the corporate world. Enter: THE BUSINESS.


We started out with the idea of selling cooked food, a mini restaurant of sorts, then narrowed it down to a more specific concept. We've started preparing already, scouted places (found one already actually), armed ourselves with loads of information about the business, canvassed for equipment, trolled the web endlessly for suppliers, etc. We were basically ready to open in a few weeks when THE CALL came.


It was I think a Saturday afternoon when one of the companies he applied to called him and asked him to report for training this week. He was happy, and I must admit it was a good opportunity. They call it Near Hire Training, meaning he wasnt hired, but they were training him to get hired. I'm not sure how I feel about it. I should have been ecstatic but I honestly do not want to see that sad little face again, so much so that I was willing to take that huge leap of starting the business. 

Well, he seems to be enjoying himself for the past few days and he seems really excited about the prospect of getting hired. Me? I dont know. I'm trying to be the supportive wife and at the same time I cant stop this nagging feeling that he's doing all this not because he truly wants to but it's just all because of me. The last thing I would want him to think is that he failed me. It honestly doesnt matter anymore if we'll go through financial hell or if we have to delay having kids for the next few years. I just want him to be happy in what he does. Really, really happy.


Now what about me? What's up in my world? Well, I've had a pretty good work week last week. Appraisals have been discussed and yes I got a pretty good salary raise, far more than what I was expecting. It's nice to see and hear that they actually appreciate the work that I do. 

This job is far from being perfect but I actually like what I am doing and I like the people I work with (well most of them. LOL.) So yeah I guess I'm basically happy where I am right now career-wise. But then again, I keep having this feeling that I have to try and step out of my comfort zone. Maybe it's about time I start taking risks. You'll never know, right?  We'll see what the rest of the year brings, I guess.

Well I guess that's it for now. 'Til the next update. :)

Thursday, May 5, 2011


I can go through the ends of the earth with you,
but just like every other human being on this earth,
I have need to feel appreciated too.