Thursday, June 3, 2010

a silent prayer

Dear Lord,

I know I have not been the most obedient follower. I have not been praying as much and no one is to blame but me. You have blessed me and my family so much over the years and I should have been more grateful.

After all the blessings and especially after I have not been in touch with my faith for the longest time, I am ashamed to ask more from you. But right now I have no one else to turn to but you and I’m not sure I can do this alone.

I’m not sure what I should feel. I’m scared yet everybody keeps telling me I should not be. But there are just so many what ifs going through my head right not that it’s hard not to be scared.

Please remove fear from my head and replace it with a renewed peace of my mind.
Should there be further challenges ahead of me, ahead of us, please provide me with the strength to go through each and everyone of them as well as the faith to know that all things will come in your given time.

Thank you. That in all things, God May Be Glorified!